Engineering production

In engineering production we offer production on demand from different iron/steel materials. Production is situated in large production halls (about 4500m2, over 3000m2 with overhead crane 5t), where also big construcion parts are produced and mounted.

We are also able to machine large weldments and parts up to the dimensions of 8000x2000x2000 mm on our own CNC machining center. Bigger parts we are able to machine in cooperation.

In separate production facilities, we are engaged in custom production from stainless steel materials. We also manufacture equipment for testing and calibration of water meters, equipment for the food industry, chemical industry, products for the construction industry, etc.

In engineering production we offer:

  • production on demand from stainless steel and also iron/steel materials
  • laser cutting
  • machining
  • CNC bending
  • welding TIG, MIG, MAG
  • welding robot CLOOS
  • mechanical rounding up to 12mm thicknes and 2500mm length
  • profiles and bars cutting
  • powder and wet coating