Welcome to our website!

Let us first briefly describe our company Autec-Engineering, s.r.o.. The history as a private company is relatively long. As early as 1930, the family company BRABENEC was manufacturing agricultural machines and devices for the food and agricultural industry.

Now the company continues its main activity – custom manufacture of steel and stainless steel products with supplies to industries of various kinds and sales of stainless steel material.

Our company is constantly developing and renewing its machines. Since 2007 we have been producing in the newly opened branch in Ivančice u Brna and at the same time in the existing special branch in Želetava. We offer services related to laser sheet burning, bending, rolling, welding, CNC machining and other technical production and automation of production processes.

From another production program, we supply the production of superstructures and test stations for water meters.

By using our own storage capacities and a large volume of purchased stainless steel materials, we offer stainless steel materials in various qualities and shapes for sale.

We are constantly striving to work on our development and use modern technology.